Foster Information

Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to one of our rescue animals! Diamond in the Ruff is a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based organization. Because we do not have a permanent facility, our foster program is one of the most crucial elements of our operation. Foster homes make it possible for us to continually provide rescue solutions for our area’s animals in need.

If you are interested in becoming a foster, please register on our site. After you register, you will be able to access and submit the Foster Application. Once we review your submission, you will be contacted by a member of our foster team.


Foster Home Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age
  •  Must be in compliance with local and state laws regarding animal limits/types within city limits.
  • Must keep animals that reside in a home with the foster up-to-date on vaccinations
  • Animals that reside in home with the foster animal must be spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason.
  • Must be willing to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment for an animal in need.
  • Must be willing to provide foster feedback and pictures of your animal once a month and coordinate with potential adopters within 24 hours.
  • Must complete and sign the Foster Home Application (note: you must be a registered user on this site before accessing this form).

Ready to start fostering? Submit the Foster Home Application! If you have any questions about fostering that we have not covered in the information below, please contact our Foster Home Chair at

Fostering is not for everyone. If you decide fostering is not for you, check out some of our other volunteer opportunities. Can’t volunteer but would like to contribute by donating? Please check out donation options.


Fostering Frequently Asked Questions

How long are animals in foster homes?

There is no predictable time frame in which to find homes for our animals. The process varies depending on individual animals and situations. Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue aims to place compatible foster animals with foster homes so the environment is rewarding for both parties involved. Many times, the animals taken into rescue are stressed from transitions that they have been making and it is important that our foster homes are committed to the process. Patience is also a key that allows us to provide a stable and consistent environment for the animal. In our experience, the animals that are adopted quickest are those who attend adoption events, are photographed often, and have frequent and unique feedback from their dedicated foster families.


Can I adopt my foster animal?

YES! Sometimes when an animal comes into a home as a foster, the family realizes the situation is meant to be permanent rather than temporary. If you feel that you would like to adopt your foster animal, contact the Foster Home Chair at and the Adoption Chair at  The goal of fostering is to place animals into adoptable homes. If you are interested in adopting, but not 100% sure, our organization has a one-week trial period for adoptions in place, just in case things don’t work out the way you hoped. Fostering and adopting an animal are commitments that should not be taken lightly, and we strive to place compatible animals that fit you and your family’s unique lifestyle. Check out our adoptable animals.

Does fostering cost anything?

Foster homes provide animals with love, shelter, exercise, and a place to grow until they are adopted. Diamond In the Ruff is happy to provide necessary supplies and veterinary care for your foster animal. If you choose to donate your foster’s supplies, that’s just fine too! Donations to rescues are often tax deductible (check with your tax advisor), and our organization is currently awaiting 501 (c) 3 non-profit status. We will be happy to provide you with a receipt when we are able to.

Can I still foster if I have children?

Fostering an animal can be an excellent way to build a foundation for philanthropic responsibility in your children. It will be the responsibility of the adults in the home to be diligent about providing guidance, instructions, and boundaries to children on the care of a foster animal. Diamond in the Ruff cannot guarantee that the animals we are placing are compatible with children of all ages; so we ask that there be no unsupervised contact between animals and children while fosters are in your care. If you or someone in your household is immune-compromised, consult your doctor before fostering since working or living with animals exposes humans to zoonotic diseases.


Can I still foster if I have other animals?

Of course! Fostering can be a great way to socialize your animals and allow them to help other animals find their forever homes. Please keep in mind that every animal reacts differently in different environments. Diamond In The Ruff cannot guarantee that the animals we are placing are dog or cat friendly. Because of this, we ask that there be no unsupervised contact between fosters and resident animals. We also require, for the safety of your animals and ours, that your animals stay up to date on vaccinations.


What if I go on vacation or a business trip?

We are able to find a foster sitter for your foster animal. We ask that you provide Diamond In The Ruff with as much notice as possible for any pre-planned vacations or business trips. If you prefer to leave your foster animal with the person/kennel who watches your personal animals, you may do so as long as they have signed the appropriate waivers and documentation.


Can I return my foster animal if I am unable to foster anymore?

Yes, we will always take an animal from our organization back if the relationship does not work. Just like people, animals have unique needs and personalities. It’s our goal to match foster homes with an animal that is compatible with their lifestyle and situation. To help us meet this goal, we ask that you provide a detailed and honest foster home application. As previously stated, fostering is a commitment and we ask that applicants be dedicated to the process. We also ask for patience so we are able to provide a stable and consistent environment for the animal. Because we are a 100% volunteer-run organization, we ask that fosters be willing to provide 72 hours notice for us to find new housing prior to taking the animal back.


I am worried I can’t foster because I would get too attached.

We completely understand. This is one of the most frequent statements we hear when people are deciding whether or not to foster. We recognize how easy it is to form a strong bond while helping these animals in need, and we speak from experience in telling you how rewarding it is to watch a foster animal flourish in their new forever home. Fostering is all about sheltering an animal during their time of need, loving, teaching, and guiding them so you can send them off to the lives they deserve. It is an unfortunate reality that animals are euthanized daily because there is nowhere for them to go. We hope that the sadness of letting them go will not be the reason another animal’s time runs out. Fostering is an opportunity to change an animal’s future, or even save their life.